Lululemon Athletica – the only exercise gear to buy!

26 Aug

Ok, so maybe I have a slight addiction…..   My love of all things Lululemon seem to be overtaking my walk in robe.  I just did a quick count of how much gear I actually have and counted 18 tops, 9 pairs of crops, 5 pairs of shorts, 4 tracksuit pants, 4 jackets, a spray jacket and 3 bags!  Not to mention all the accessories I have like hair bands, socks, sports bras, knickers, hats etc.  I simply can’t go in the store without buying something.  The last few times I have gone in to buy a gift for someone else, I always end up with an extra bag!

What can I say, I just LOVE this stuff!  Over the years I have tried all sorts of brands of exercise clothing and Lululemon is by far the best quality, style and fit around.  Everything is pre-shrunk and double stitched and made of different materials for different workouts.  It’s not the cheapest gear around but you get what you pay for.  They say they design their gear to withstand 5 years of use and I still have the very first pair of crops I bought over 5 years ago and they have not gone out of shape at all.

It’s always great to head to the sales racks as they change their colours every season so you are still getting the same gear, just the previous seasons colours.

I even have my husband wearing Lululemon now after being nothing but a Nike man for the last 10 years!

Check out their website and if you don’t have a store near you, they now offer free shipping to Australia.

From the words of Lululemon, ‘dance, sing, floss and travel’.


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