Chin Chin Restaurant… Amazing….

6 Sep

Ok, so it’s no secret that I love food and it’s not too hard to impress me as long as the dishes I eat are fresh, full of flavor and most of the time healthy!! As my friends know, I can over use the word amazing when it comes to food but let me tell you, dinner last night was AMAZING!!!

I am over in Melbourne with my husband for a few days for some shopping, footy, eating and drinking and was recommended to try Chin Chin Restaurant in Flinders Lane.

We got to Chin Chin at 7.30pm and were told we would need to wait approximately one and a half to two hours for a table. No problems, we are on holidays!!

After one to two or maybe three or four G&T’s at Go Go Bar downstairs we got a text saying our table was ready. It didn’t take us long to decide on the ‘feed me’ option on the menu where they bring out a selection of their best dishes (although I told the girls sitting next to us that I hoped I didn’t get food envy as their meals looked amazing!!)

First up was kingfish sashimi with chili, lime and coconut followed quickly by DIY pork roll ups which was basically a pancake you fill with shredded pork, salad and asian herbs. First two dishes, amazing!!

Next out came a crispy barramundi and green apple salad with chilli and lemongrass which had so much flavour going on, I had to remind myself to breath between mouthfuls! Then came the ribs…… OMG, twice cooked beef ribs served with coriander and prik ham pla. The meat was so tender it just slid off the bone. The steamed Asian greens with sesame was also amazing, even my husband couldn’t stop raving on about how nice they were!!

By this time the girls next to us now had food envy and asked if we were going to get any more dishes. We weren’t sure but told them if that was it, then we were very happy (and full!!) They said they couldn’t wait to come back and have the ‘feed me’ option.

Well the dishes hadn’t finished….. Out came the most amazing salt and pepper soft shell crab with green papaya salad and some steamed rice. Absolutely amazing!

Of course, to finish off the meal, the last course was dessert. I was secretly hoping it was the palm sugar ice cream sundae that everyone around me kept ordering as it looked devine. When the waitress put the sundae in front of me I thanked myself for wearing tights and not jeans out to dinner!! The salted honeycomb and lime syrup over the ice cream was to die for!!!

I didn’t take any photos of the dishes, I think I was too eager to start eating or maybe it had something to do with the bottle of red wine I had at dinner and the few G&T’s before dinner!!

If you are in Melbourne, I would definitely recommend you go to Chin Chin. What can I say, the food was AMAZING!!! Love how you can also learn Chinese when you go to the toilets!!

I’m now off for a run to try and work off some of last nights food and drink before it starts all over again today!


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