Do you podcast?

3 Jan

I used to be one of those people that found it really hard to exercise without music. Gone are the days of me running with my favourite music blaring from my ipod, instead I listen to health podcasts!!
The best thing about podcasting is its free and if you subscribe, you automatically get the updates of when a new podcast is released.

My favourite podcast is ‘The Wellness Guys’. The show is made up of 3 Australian Wellness Experts (all men) who share their unique knowledge on the why, the what and the how of achieving ultimate health and wellness. They have been podcasting for just over a year now and will talk about anything from organic foods, weight management, goal setting, cholesterol, paleo diets, infertility, how to manage a crisis, managing office stress, keeping joints healthy and so much more.

Another podcast that I have just started listing to is ‘Up for a Chat’. This is similar to The Wellness Guys except all three experts are female. They talk about things familiar and not so familiar when it comes to striving to be the healthiest you can be.

I have also just discovered that some podcasts are actually videos. When I feel like doing some yoga at home, I usually just go onto YouTube and pick a video. Now that I have downloaded some yoga podcasts, it’s as simple as picking which class I want to do rather than scroll through hundreds of YouTube videos.

The last type of podcast I listen to is meditation. This is great before bed as I can play it through my iPad or iPhone and usually by the time it finishes, I am fast asleep.

Just go onto your iPhone, iPod or iPad, click on podcasts and categories and start downloading!!


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