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Prepping breakfast for the week ahead….

23 Feb
CADA Instant Bircher Muesli

CADA Instant Bircher Muesli

I would never eat boxed cereal (I would love to ban it in Australia!!) so like to have a few breakfast options already prepped so I don’t get bored of the same thing.  If i’m running late to work, its simple to grab something that I have already prepared.

I just made one of my favourites; CADA turned instant bircher muesli here so thought I would share a few of my favourites.  I added oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seed, linseeds, chia seeds, bee pollen and yoghurt to this one but you can add anything you like. This will last me the whole week.

Other favourites of mine are:

I really hope you are eating breaky and can get organised too!


Too Easy Omelette

24 Nov

This omelette is perfect for those nights when you just can’t be bothered cooking.  Of course you can have it for breaky or lunch but I love cooking a quick omelette when I don’t want to cook dinner and don’t want to eat food that I shouldn’t be eating!

With not much in the fridge the other night, I thought this omelette would be really bland but was pleasantly surprised.  So much so, I had it two nights in a row!

You will need:

3 eggs

5 cherry tomatos chopped

1cm chunk of red onion diced

Herbamare and pepper or seasoning of your choice



Baking paper


In a bowl, whisk together your eggs.  Add in the chopped tomatos, onion and seasoning.

Wet you baking paper and scrunch out to remove the excess water.  Place the paper on the tray of the varoma ensuring there are some holes exposed (I just leave the two outer edge holes exposed).

Pour omelette mixture onto baking paper, top with spinach and cover with varoma lid.  Cook for 8 mins on varoma temperature, speed 1.  Your omelette should start puff up like a soufflé  when it’s nearly cooked.

Once cooked, flip onto a plate and top with chopped avocado.

Enjoy xx



CADA turned instant bircher muesli!

17 Sep

photo-5 copy

One of my favourite breakfasts is CADA – Coconut, Almonds, Dates and Apple and this spin on standard CADA is delish!

I can’t take the credit for this one but I don’t remember where I saw it to give the credit to!  I have searched and searched but can’t find it.  If I do, I will update this post 🙂

This breakfast is simply making CADA and adding oats, yoghurt and extra goodies like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, linseeds, hemp seeds, bee pollen or whatever it is that you have in your cupboard.  I make up a big batch of this so I can have it for breaky for a few days.

You will need:

Small Handful of Coconut (desiccated, shredded or flaked)

2 x Apples – quartered

4 x Medjool Dates

2 x Handfuls of Almonds

2 x Tbs Pumpkin Seeds

2 x Tbs Sunflower Seeds

1 x Tbs Chia Seeds

1 x Tbs Linseeds

1 x Tbs Hemp Seeds

1 x Cup of Oats

A few good dollops of your favourite yoghurt (I use Coyo)


Place coconut, almonds, dates and apples into TM bowl, set lid to locked position and turbo 2-3 times for 1 sec each time.  Scrape down sides of TM bowl.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix on reverse, speed 4 for 5 seconds or until combined.

Serve with fresh berries and a sprinkling of bee pollen.

The above quantity gives me around 4 – 5 serves and keeps well in the fridge.

Enjoy! xx




Raw Buckwheat and Apple Porridge

15 Sep

This is another recipe I have converted from the Green Kitchen app which I love!  I had wanted to try a buckwheat porridge without sprouting or cooking the buckwheat and this one is perfect.  You only need to soak the buckwheat and nuts for around 1 hour which is great if you forget to soak them the night before.

I make this porridge on the weekend and divide up the portions so it lasts me the week.  Each morning I then top the porridge with some extra goodies which keeps me full until lunchtime.

You will need:

240g raw hulled buckwheat groats + water for soaking

240g raw walnuts + water for soaking

2 apples cored and quartered

1 orange juiced

1/2 teaspoon ground cardamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extra


Place buckwheat and nuts into two separate bowls, cover with water and soak for around 1 hour or preferably overnight (if you remember!)

Rinse in cold water and drain.

Place all ingredients into TM bowl and blend for 10 seconds, speed 8 or until smooth.

Top with some of your favourites – fresh berries, pomegranate, bee pollen, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, nut butter, yoghurt, hemp seeds etc.

Enjoy xx

Raw Buckwheat and Apple Porridge

Raw Buckwheat and Apple Porridge

Breaky on the go!

Breaky on the go!

Who needs to go out for breaky?

14 Jul
Poached Eggs, Thermomix Style

Poached Eggs, Thermomix Style

We love going to Sydney to visit our gorgeous friends Matt and Emily and always go to 3 Beans Cafe in Manly for breakfast.  I’m a creature of habit and when I’m onto a good thing, I don’t like to change!

Well, seeing as we aren’t in Sydney, no reason why I can’t have my fave breaky right here in Perth!  Nothing beats good poached eggs but I always found it hard doing it on the stove.  Thankgod for my Thermomix!

You will need:

1.2L Water

50g White Vinegar

Oil, to brush TM Basket

2 Eggs

Sourdough Bread


Persian Feta


Place water and vinegar into TM bowl.  Brush TM Basket with oil, insert TM basket and heat 11 mins, varoma, speed 1.

Crack the two eggs into separate containers and set aside.

Once heating is complete the water should be boiling.  Cook 3 mins, varoma, speed 2 while pouring eggs into TM basket one at a time through hole in mixing bowl lid.

Once cooking is complete and without employing mixing bowl, remove TM basket with eggs using the spatular and drain eggs well.

Serve with sourdough toast, smashed avocado and danish feta.

Delish! x

Who doesn’t like pancakes?

16 Jun

You may have seen this recipe on my blog about strawberry jam, but after making these this morning for breakfast, they deserve their own post!

So simple, easy and only 4 ingredients!  I added cinnamon to the pancakes today as cinnamon improves insulin’s efficiency, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is also said to lower blood glucose levels.

You will need:

2 Bananas

1 Egg

1 TB of nut butter (I make my own by blending 100g almonds, 100g cashews, 100g brazil nuts or you can buy store bought)

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix all ingredients in TM bowl for 4-5 seconds until combined.

Cook in a fry pan in some coconut oil until lightly browned on both sides

I topped mine with some strawberries and peaches that I chopped in the TM bowl for 3 secs on speed 5 and dolloped with my new favourite coconut yoghurt, Coyo. I bought this so I had the starter to make my own coconut yoghurt but at this rate, it will all be gone before I get a chance to make it!Banana Pancakes

LSA Porridge

7 Oct

Ok, so this is another one of my fave breakies which is gluten free, dairy free, healthy and delicious!

So simple to make with the thermomix but you can of course do it with a saucepan, grater etc – it will just take a bit longer.

I got this recipe off one of my favourite chefs, Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef.

Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!!

1 green apple
2-3 TB of LSA (make your own with equal quantities of linseed, almonds and sunflower seeds chopped on speed 10 for 3-4 seconds and keep the rest in the fridge – great sprinkled on fruits and salads!!)
220g of almond milk (make your own by blending on speed 10, 200g almonds soaked overnight with 1000g of filtered water and strain through a nut bag – add a date or two if you want some sweetener and use the leftover pulp to make some bliss balls)
Banana, blueberries, flaked almonds and cinnamon to serve

Chop apple on speed 8 for 2 seconds.
Add the LSA and almond milk and heat for 3 minutes, 100 degrees on speed 1.
Pour into serving bowl and add some chopped banana, handful of blueberries, flaked almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This tastes delicious and will keep you full until lunchtime!