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CADA turned instant bircher muesli!

17 Sep

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One of my favourite breakfasts is CADA – Coconut, Almonds, Dates and Apple and this spin on standard CADA is delish!

I can’t take the credit for this one but I don’t remember where I saw it to give the credit to!  I have searched and searched but can’t find it.  If I do, I will update this post 🙂

This breakfast is simply making CADA and adding oats, yoghurt and extra goodies like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, linseeds, hemp seeds, bee pollen or whatever it is that you have in your cupboard.  I make up a big batch of this so I can have it for breaky for a few days.

You will need:

Small Handful of Coconut (desiccated, shredded or flaked)

2 x Apples – quartered

4 x Medjool Dates

2 x Handfuls of Almonds

2 x Tbs Pumpkin Seeds

2 x Tbs Sunflower Seeds

1 x Tbs Chia Seeds

1 x Tbs Linseeds

1 x Tbs Hemp Seeds

1 x Cup of Oats

A few good dollops of your favourite yoghurt (I use Coyo)


Place coconut, almonds, dates and apples into TM bowl, set lid to locked position and turbo 2-3 times for 1 sec each time.  Scrape down sides of TM bowl.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix on reverse, speed 4 for 5 seconds or until combined.

Serve with fresh berries and a sprinkling of bee pollen.

The above quantity gives me around 4 – 5 serves and keeps well in the fridge.

Enjoy! xx





Zucchini Fritters

16 Sep

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Whenever I’m looking for some food inspiration,  I always check out Teresa Cutters website, The Healthy Chef.  I wanted to make something that I could freeze into portions for lunch on the run.  So often on the weekends I am out and about so I take a little esky with me, whip up a green smoothie, chuck in a protein ball and take something out the freezer that I can eat in the car.

These fritters were really easy to make and made a huge quantity!

You will need:

500 g zucchini chopped into 2cm pieces
150g  frozen green peas thawed
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch mint
4 spring onions chopped into thirds
good pinch sea salt
generous grind of black pepper
peel from 1 lemon
3 eggs
50g  almond meal


Place  zucchini in TM bowl and chop for 4-5 seconds on speed 4.  Place in a colander, sprinkle with salt and leave for 10 minutes.

Squeeze out all the moisture from the zucchini with your hands.

Place lemon peel into TM bowl and zest on speed 8 for 4-5 seconds.  Add parsley, mint and spring onions into TM bowl and chop for 2-3 seconds on speed 8.  Add peas,  pepper, eggs, zucchini and almond meal to TM bowl and mix on reverse, speed 4 for 5 seconds or until combined.

Teresa’s recipe asks at this stage to test cook a fritter to make sure it holds together well.   If not, add some more almond meal or alternative flour if you need it.

Cook fritters in a pan over a medium heat in a little olive oil for 2 minutes each side or until cooked through.

Serve with salad or eat on their own as a snack!

Enjoy xx

Healthy Fruit Snacks

16 Jun

Healthy Fruit Snacks

My friend Ames, asked me to convert this recipe months ago and I finally got around to doing it.

I thought they would be more like lollies but they are more like hard squares of jelly, kind of….. hard to explain!  One batch turned out quite rubbery as I used less fruit so I would definitely use either more fruit or less gelatine.

You will need:

100g fresh or frozen berries (I made two batches, one with strawberries and one raspberries)

150g lemon juice (thanks Kristy for all my lemons)

60g gelatin powder

25g honey


Add berries and lemon juice to TM bowl and cook for 3 mins, 80 degrees, speed 1 with MC off

Next, add the honey and stir for 10 sec on speed 2

Puree for 5 – 10 seconds on speed 8 and let cool for 5, 10 mins

Insert the butterfly and with blades rotating on speed 3, slowly add the gelatine through the hole in the lid until all mixed in

Pour mixture into a glass bowl and refrigerate until set and cut into squares